Ascender ParentPortal

Ascender EmployeePortal

Ascender CareerPortal

Ascender TeacherPortal

Ascender StudentPortal

Ascender Parent Portal
Ascender Employee Portal
Ascender Career Portal

  •  Paperless enrollment, registration, and student data updates, including custom forms
  •  Electronic report cards and progress reports
  •  Drill-down assignment grade information
  •  Detail and summary attendance information
  •  Attendance and grade alerts
  •  Immunization, discipline, and assessment data
  •  Spanish language support

  •  Printable employment and payroll information, leave balances, deductions, as well as W-2 and 1095
•  Demographic and payroll information updates
•  Online leave requests in calendar format
•  Spanish language support

  •  Employee recruitment and applicant tracking
  •  Attachment of resumes and other documents
  •  Secure messages
  •  Administrative and security tools
  •  Spanish language support

Ascender Teacher Portal
Ascender Student Portal

  •  Custom assignment categories
  •  Discipline referrals
  •  Medical alert information
  •  Substitute teachers
  •  Skills-based report cards
  •  Photo seating charts
  •  Teacher reports

  •  Course requests for next school year
  •  Optional view/edit graduation plan access
  •  Alternate courses
  •  Attendance, grades, and assignments