ASCENDER Business Applications
Streamlined – Efficient – Flexible

The application automatically generates invoices and interfaces directly with the Finance application to maintain billing records. Flexibility is built in, allowing for full or partial payments, overpayments, adjustments, credit memos, and approvals, while always keeping the general ledger in sync.

The application keeps multiple accounts and fiscal years in one location, and simplifies reconciliation with flexible drill-down features, merging tools, and easy recalculation.

The application collects and streamlines a wide range of detailed information in accordance with the Financial Accountability System Resource Guide. The GL summary drill-down gives insight into all transactions and account details. 1099 processing, invoice matching, automatic balancing, and easy corrections ensure a balanced history month after month. In addition, Budget Amendment Request (BAR) tools accommodate every situation after final approval.

The application assures that the employee data is easy to enter, change, and view when needed. Retrieve personnel certifications, salary verification, and reports with ease.

The application keeps users in control of items ordered. Workflow tools guide users through requisition, purchase order, and contract processes. Easily track actual costs and threshold amounts, and use comparison reports to better understand expenditures.

The application ensures accurate tracking of capital and inventory assets, transferring purchased item information from Finance, and simplifying inventory management. From depreciation to reporting, the tools are uncomplicated. ASCENDER Asset Management is GASB 34-compliant.

The application puts users in control of department budgets, whether built from scratch or automatically generated. Items can efficiently be amended during the recommendation to approval process, and automatically post the approved budgets to Finance.

The application provides reliable, accurate paycheck processing for multiple pay concepts and frequencies, plus automatic computation of pay rates and deductions, leave balances, and more. TRS processing is built in, and payroll simulations ensure predictable results.

The application will guide HR departments in filling, changing, vacating, and separating from positions, plus forecasting features for next year’s budget and benefits.

ASCENDER Student Applications
Integrated – Compliant – Seamless

The application allows posting for every need: by individual, period, program, and more, including student-specific comments for each absence, and posting history is always available. Detailed calendars can be built for each track that accounts for Texas-mandated instructional minutes, as well as planned and unplanned school closures.

This full-featured application allows easy building of district and campus master schedules, and provides handy tools such as walk-in scheduler, transfer student management, and support for skills-based grading. Report cards and progress reports can be electronically delivered to parents. New student? No problem.

Spinal and acanthosis are included, along with vision, hearing, and tuberculosis, and mass entry pages are a timesaver. Integration with ParentPortal ensures that parents know when immunizations are due or missing.

Powerful tools and algorithms use course information and campus resources, student course requests, and graduation plans to create the best possible campus and student schedules. Scheduling changes are a snap.

The application keeps a student’s test history and scores readily available with simple imports and inquiry tools.

The application integrates with TeacherPortal and StudentPortal, so teachers can enter referrals, and everyone stays informed. Administrator tools facilitate secure notifications and comment sharing, and PEIMS code crosswalks ensure accurate reporting to the state.

The application also interfaces with Scheduling, so course requests can automatically be generated based on a student’s graduation plan. With optional StudentPortal integration, students have controllable access to decision making tools. Personal Graduation Plans are also a cinch.

From First Day Attendance Mass Activation, to enrollment by Attendance Zone, the processes can be automated and save valuable time. Parents can also enroll new students online, register returning students, and maintain student data and forms.

From Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) to mandated reporting, all the tools are in one place for simplified maintenance.

ASCENDER Administration
Security – Control – Tailored

Districts can tailor each application to its specific needs and set up workflows for approvals and other processes. Districts can stay in control and still remain flexible.

With role-based and user-level security, new user setup is easier than ever, and gives confident control without sacrificing ease. Audit log inquiry tools provide insight and transparency.