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ASCENDER & Portal Applications

• Automatic updates and new releases
• Major releases installed by TCC
• Capability to run scheduled tasks multiple times a day
• Established relationships with 3rd-party vendors
• Quick and easy deployment of new clients

Ascender Cloud 2
Cloud Hosting

Performance & High Availability.

• Highly optimized, scalable resources, which allow applications to run at peak performance
• Scalability, allowing more resources to be added as necessary
• A single directive, meaning all actions at the data center ensure the applications run at the highest performance possible

Powered by AWS.

• Infrastructure built to satisfy the security require­ments for the military, global banks, and other high-sensitivity organizations
• Multiple layers of operational and physical se­curity to ensure the integrity and safety of your data
• Massive cloud infrastructure that allows for inno­vation, experimentation, and quick iteration
• Ability to instantly scale up resources as work­load grows and instantly scale down based on demand
• Phenomenal operational experience, at a greater scale, of any cloud provider

Cloud Hosting

Disaster Recovery/Reliability

  •  Secure data storage with hourly database backups (never lose more than an hour of data)
  •  Remotely replicated data every 15 minutes
  •  Secure, high-performing, resilent, and efficient infrastructure
  •  Redundant sites with enough capacity to run all hosted clients


  •  Phone support (24 x 7) with immediate developer access if there is a major problem
  •  Alert/monitoring tools (24 x 7)
  •  Dedicated staff
  •  All hardware, software, and services


Dedicated ASCENDER staff is available 24/7 for all cloud hosted hardware, software and services needed.